July 31, 2014, Thursday morning -- Reading Marc Beaugé and Olivier Lafay

Taking a break from paddle ball (in Cannes, France, where I'm on vacation)
They are reading Coaching Sport, by Marc Beaugé and Méthode de musculation : 110 exercices sans matériel, by Olivier Lafay.   I'm not sure who enjoyed our conversation more -- them or me, or their friends (see the gentleman in the background).   At first, when I approached them, the answer was, no, you can't take our picture because our wives don't know we're here, and then they changed their minds.  They're from Grenoble, in the southeast of France, where the cheese is so good, which is why they have bellies now and are reading about how to lose them.  At least I think that's what they said, my French continues to be mediocre.