August 21, 2014, Thursday morning -- Reading Anne Mischakoff Heiles

At a bus stop in the Tenderloin

She is reading Mischa Mischakoff: Journeys of a Concertmaster, by his daughter, Anne Mischakoff Heiles.  Mischa Mischakoff was an accomplished first-violinist who immigrated to the U.S. from Ukraine.  The book has interviews from his family members and his students.  

She is reading this because she loves music (she plays the viola) and the history of it.  She said that the reason the U.S. is a good place to study music is a good part due to accomplished musicians who came here from Eastern Europe at the time of the Russian Revolution and again in the 1980's when travel bans were lifted after the fall of the Soviet Union.

Before this, she was reading a murder mystery novel set in Alaska, by Dana Stabenow, who is an Alaskan native.  Although she was enjoying the book, she put it down to read Mischa Mischakoff.