August 26, 2014, Tuesday afternoon -- Reading Michael Sorkin

On a sunny day in the Mission District
He is reading Twenty Minutes in Manhattan, a collection of essays by the architectural critic Michael Sorkin.  His favorite book in this area All Over the Map, by the same author, which is also a collection of essays with the theme of the building of the new World Trade Center in New York.  He studied Urban Planning, so this is interesting from that point of view, though he is mostly focused on transportation.  He is one of the writers for the transportation blog, . 

His favorite book, right now, is Ties that Bind: Familial Homophobia and Its Consequences, by Sarah Schulman.  He said that he doesn't always agree with everything she says, but that it's really interesting from a anti-assimilationist/everyone doesn't need to be cut out from the same cookie cutter perspective.