November 13, 2014, Thursday afternoon -- Reading James Horn

At the 24th Street BART station, getting ready to play some Woodie Guthrie, Leonard Cohen, and Bob Dylan
He is reading Kingdom Strange: The Brief and Tragic History of the Lost Colony of Roanoke, by James Horn.  He's always been interested in Roanoke and learned through the website Archeology News that there was a new book out that looks at the genes of local contemporary people to determine if the people of Roanoke were absorbed into the Croatan tribe.

He said he goes through phases of reading -- A Jack London phase, a Jane Austen phase.  One of his favorite Jack London books is The Valley of the Moon, which takes place in Oakland and Napa.  Persuasion was his favorite of Jane Austen's books.   I asked him if he would be reading more books about Roanoke and he said he didn't think so - this is the latest book on the topic, and he wouldn't want to read anything less current, but he might read about Jamestown next.
He tries to play at the 24th Street station on Thursdays and the 16th Street Station on Fridays.

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alex said...

Reading out loud would be an interesting way to busk.