November 5, 2014, Wednesday afternoon -- Reading a book edited by Manuel Pumarega

At Librería Donceles, the pop up Spanish bookstore on 20th street
She is browsing through the shelves and reading Frases Celebres de Hombres Celebres, (Famous Phrases by Famous Men) edited by Manuel Pumarega. 

Something good she's read lately was from a series called Drawing Room Confessions, by Mousse Publications, which she picked up in a gallery in Oslo.  The series has interviews of people who are interviewed from 3 different perspectives.  For example, the book she read was about the artist, Luis Camnitzer, as interviewed by two 17-year old girls, an artist, and the former mayor of Bogotá .  On the cover of the books in the series is a photograph of an actor who the person interviewed would like to be played by if a movie was made about their life.
Librería Donceles is a project by Pablo Helguera, and hosted by Kadist here in San Francisco.  On their website (here's a link),  Helguera's idea of "double removal," is described -- that the the donated books in the shop, "await new lives, new meanings, through the possession of a new owner."