November 2, 2014, Sunday afternoon -- Reading Juan Pablo Villalobos

Enjoying the sunny weather in Dolores Park

 She is reading Down the Rabbit Hole, by the Mexican author, Juan Pablo Villalobos.  It's about a child whose father is a drug baron.  She found it at Green Apple books, on their sale table at the front of the store.  She said that her rule about buying books is that if she reads the first page and wants to read further, than she gets the book. 

One of her favorite books is Jitterbug Perfume, by Tom Robbins.  She read it 16 years ago and she won't read it again because she's afraid that if she does, it will have lost its luster.  She is unwilling to test the theory that a good book stands up over time.  She also liked Skinny Legs and All by the same author.  She likes Tom Robbins because his is absurdist without being too absurd.

Another author she really likes is the French author, film maker/director, David Foenkinos.  She likes his books for his narrative voice.
The third arm in the picture, the one that does not belong to her, belongs to the person she was reading with.  On Wednesday I'll post about him.