October 26, 2014, Sunday afternoon -- Reading Michel Houellebecq

At the top of Bernal Hill
He is reading The Elementary Particles, by the French author, Michel Houellebecq, translated into English by Frank Wynne.  He picked this book up because he read in a New York Times article that the writer of Mad Men, Matthew Weiner, said that Houellebecq was his favorite contemporary author. 

One of his own favorite authors is the Norwegian author Karl Ove Knausgård, who was recommended by a friend.  Knausgård has written 6 biographical novels about his life.  He said the author's life isn't really that interesting, but what makes the books good is the poetic language.  He also said that Knausgård is controversial in Norway because he writes about his friends and family and doesn't change names.
Coincidentally, back in August, I photographed a Brazilian fashion designer reading the very same book (in the original French -- Les Particules élémentaires) in Paris last summer, also sitting on a wooden bench with a great view.  Here's the link.