December 18, 2014, Thursday afternoon -- Reading Dennis Lehane

At Bondi Beach in Sydney, Australia (where I'm on vacation)
He is reading The Drop, by Dennis Lehane. He likes reading books that are made into movies, so that he can see the movie later.  He just completed a business degree.  One of his favorite books was Like A Virgin: Secrets They Won't Teach You at Business School, by Richard Branson.
 In the little bottle with the red cover is fish oil, an important ingredient in Asian cooking (he works as a delivery person for MissChu, an Asian restaurant which, as I've heard, a cult following).  He's originally from Vietnam.  He used to read in Vietnamese all the time, but hasn't read in his native language for over four years, so long that he's forgotten the names of his favorite authors.  For now, he's been reading only in English.