December 18, 2014, Thursday afternoon -- Reading Victor Canning

At Bondi Beach, in Sydney, Australia
She is reading The Whip Hand, a mystery by Victor Canning.  She found it at a second hand store.  It's set in England, between the wars.  It was rediscovered and republished.

One of her favorite books is Poppy, by the Australian author, Drusilla Modjeska.   It's a book she's loaned out several times and still likes having on her bookshelf.  It's a story that the author wrote about her mother, from facts and imagination.

She also really liked The Narrow Road to the Deep North, by Richard Flanagan, though she found it more difficult to read.  The book won the 2014 Man Booker prize.  It's about an Australian doctor and is about World War II and it's effects, and love.  Richard Flanagan is considered one of Australia's best contemporary novelists.


John Higgins said...

Not set between the wars, set in 1965.

sonya worthy said...

Thanks for the correction!