January 14, 2015, Wednesday evening -- Reading Saskia Noort and Sophie Kinsella

Visiting from Rotterdam, in the Netherlands and enjoying the sun at Bondi Beach, in Sydney, Australia
They are reading De Eet-Club (The Eating Club), by the Dutch author, Saskia Noort and Can You Keep a Secret, by Sophie Kinsella (which she found at the hostel they're staying at.)

The Eating Club, translated as The Dinner Club in the English edition, is mystery/thriller about city people who move to a village and find friends who they have dinners with, and then they get mixed up in affairs and murder.

A notable Dutch author they told me about, other than Saskia Noort who is also the woman on the left's favorite, is Suzanne Vermeer, who writes thrillers. I looked this up on Wikipedia and Suzanne Vermeer was a pseudonym for Paul Goeken, but after he died in 2011 the publishing company kept the name and an unknown writer or writers are, you could say, ghost writing???