January 17, 2015, Saturday morning -- Reading Veronica Roth

This is my last Australia post. On Monday morning I returned back to San Francisco on a 13 hour flight, went to Trader Joe's to restock the fridge, and asked a man reading a kindle, sitting on a bench, surrounded by grocery bags, if I could take his photo for my blog and he said no.  No one had told me no the entire month I was in Australia. I was in the equivalent of a reading Disneyland. I mostly photographed friendly tourists from northern Europe, blissed out on the sun. This reader, in this post below, however, is a local.
At Bondi Beach in Sydney, Australia
She just got back from vacation where she finished reading the Game of Thrones series, by George R.R. Martin. She's now re-reading this book because she has nothing new left to read.

Question: If you live in a place like this, where do you go for vacation? I should have asked.

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alex said...

She probably went to King's landing. Or maybe Winterfell.