February 8, 2015, Sunday afternoon -- Reading William Sargant

At Toys R Us
 She is reading Battle for the Mind: A Physiology of Conversion and Brainwashing, by William Sargant, which she highly recommends.  She's reading it because, at the moment, she is "writing two articles about the sad mechanics of brainwashing and mind wars in Russia."

As for the favorite book of all time question, she said it's impossible to answer, but that today, it's War and Peace, by Tolstoy.
Btw, I am not the photographer for this lovely photo.  Instead, I saw it on Facebook and asked the reader, author Zarina Zabrisky herself, if I could ferret it away and put it on my blog. She's one of my favorite people to see at literary readings because she's so dynamic.  There were also pictures on FB with this one of her screaming around the store on a scooter.