June 14, 2015, Sunday afternoon -- Reading D. D. Pochin Mould and Lawrence M. Krauss

In downtown Auburn, CA, outside of a frozen yogurt shop on a 90 degree day
She is reading Ireland of the Saints, by D. D. Pochin Mould. She enjoys reading about early Christian history and hopes to pursue a Master's degree in theology. Her favorite authors include Winston Churchill, and John Chrysostom and Basil of Caesarea (both of whom lived in the 4th century). I asked if it was difficult to read texts that old and she said that their thought and clarity are breathtaking and timeless.

He is reading The Physics of Star Trek, by Lawrence M. Krauss. He enjoys reading books about science, and is a Star Trek fan. His favorite authors are Churchill (also), Ayn Rand, Theodore Roosevelt, William Wordsworth (see note below), and Ernest Hemingway. He said he couldn't think of a better story than Hemingway's The Old Man and the Sea.

Note about Wordsworth: Last summer I visited his cottage in Grasmere, England, where they had to keep the mutton fat candles in a box at night so the rats wouldn't eat them (beeswax cost too much).