June 20, 2015, Saturday afternoon -- Reading Kurt Vonnegut

In Jack London Square in Oakland, on a perfect summer day
He is on the last few pages of Mother Night, by Kurt Vonnegut.  It was recommended by the friend he's sharing the hammock with. His favorite author is Philip K Dick, especially A Man in the High Castle.

The friend (on the right side of the hammock) who recommended Mother Night has been a Kurt Vonnegut fan since high school when a girl turned him on to Breakfast of Champions. Mother Night is now his favorite book. He hasn't read it for a while, but told me that his favorite scene is when the character Campbell is hiding out in New York and then his wife shows up, who he's been separated from and then, he finds out something that, he said, completely blows your mind (I won't write what here).
Right next to their hammock there was a silent disco going on. A crowd of people were wearing headphones and dancing, but only the dancers could hear their music.