November 25, 2018, Sunday morning -- Reading Robert Galbraith

In the Mission District
He is reading Lethal White, by Robert Galbraith. The author is British and he enjoys reading British authors. He said they use words that he doesn't usually encounter, such as crenelated (having spaces that guns, cannons, etc. can be shot through), pusillanimous (timid), and eponymous (of, relating to, or being what is named).
When I asked him about his favorite books and authors he said he's a sucker for David Baldacci and he also told me about a book called Night of Camp David, by Fletcher Knebel, which is about a Senator who discovers the president is unstable and needs to alert the country. Although it was written in 1965, he feels it has some parallels with today. He is not alone in his opinion. I just read an online review that said the title could easily be changed to Night of Mar-a-Lago. In November 2018 Penguin Random House announced it would be re-releasing the book.