No reader to post this week

I walked through Potrero Hill and the Mission District today, looking for a reader but didn't find one. Through a coffee shop's windows I saw a woman studying a text book, but that's not really what I like to take pictures of. I'm more interested in what we read when we're not obligated to read. While I walked I listened to an audio book on my newish headphones. Audiobooks and walks are two of my favorite things these days. I usually listen to books from the public library on their app called Libby. Right now I'm listening to Killing Commendatore, Haruki Murakami's latest novel. It's about 28 hours long and the reader has a deep, soothing voice. I find Murakami's books very soothing even when they aren't read aloud. This one is about an artist who paints portraits and is just as good as his other books that I've enjoyed over the years.