Reading The Best American Mystery Stories (2006), edited by Scott Turow, which he buys every year. From the same publisher he has also read Best American Science and Nature Writing. Recently he read Fiasco: The American Military Adventure in Iraq, by Thomas Ricks and The One Perecent Doctrine, by Ron Suskind. For the most part he reads nonfiction--mostly history and science with some books on photography.

He reads all the time, on his commute and on his lunch hour and if, when he gets off the bus he's engrossed with what he's reading, he will walk the three blocks to his office while still reading--he demonstrated how this can be done while holding the book about a foot away and scanning with his peripheral vision.

In this current book he's only on the second story, by J.C. Box, which is about two Czechs who come to work in Yellowstone and can't find work so they turn to crime. The first story, By Karen E. Bender, is about a swindler coming down with Alzheimers.