Reading The World to Come, by Dara Horn, which she picked up at the bookstore because it seemed unusual. It explores a family's history through the mystery of a stolen Chagall painting--the protagonist, who is the theif, is convinced that the painting used to hang in his family's living room.

Her favorite book of all time is Midnight's Children by Salman Rushdie, which she read page by page. "It's like chocolate cake," she said. "The language is really rich." It was recommended by her mother, who lives in Germany. Her mother, her sister, who lives in Brussels, and she trade books amongst themselves--it helps keep them close when they live so far apart. Another book they've shared is The Murder Room, by P.D. James.

Check out the author Dara Horn's website: http://www.darahorn.com/. She has one of the most impressive bios I've ever seen.