Reading Hardy Californians, by Lester Rownetree. "Lester" is actually the author's maiden name, but because of her British background, she went by that and, when she got married, she began going by both last names.

The book is about native California plants. When the author moved to California from Britan, she began a seed company. Every year she would travel from the desert to the mountain tops as the weather got warmer, gathering seeds and selling them to people on the East Coast and Britan, as well as Californians.

The reader is also a gardener. Recently she got some lupine and baby blue eyes seeds at Larner Seeds in Bolinas and got good results.

Here's a photo I took on Twin Peaks. I first sent this around with the title, Bay Area commentary, but the consensus was that Californians are pretty soft...I don't think so. When I first saw the cover of Lester Rownetree's book out of the corner of my eye I thought it was about hearty pioneers and the gold rush...or at least about exorbitant rent and housing prices. Some Californians are hardy thick-skinned types.