Reading Go, Dog, Go! by the Dr. Seuss-esque, P.D. Eastman, at the always popular Grotto Night, that has outgrown the library and is now (if we were all lushes enough) held at Mezzanine, a semi-sleek, semi-industrial, red-carpet-entried club in the SOMA.

The Go, Dog, Go! recitation was performed by musical duo, The Loins--married couple Eli Crews and Beth Lisick, whose book Everybody into the Pool, has been on the blog twice: 11/29/06 and 1/22/07. San Franciscans love San Francisco authors!

(though, P.D. Eastman is from Massachusetts....)

The text on the screen: Why are they going fast in those cars? What are they going to do? Where are those dogs going?

The Grotto Event was themed Driving Obsession. It began with video footage of driving full speed through Paris in the waxing hours of daylight and continued with a reading by Lisa Margonelli (see pic below), who read from her book Oil on the Brain (the best seller of the evening at the Grotto book table), that just came out. It is fabulously researched and includes interviews with people who had been on oil platforms when they were shelled by the U.S. and Iranian woman race car driver.

There was also a great poem about Nascar racing that explained the differences between a hick and a red neck (religion vs. spirituality), by Bucky Sinister; a story about manhood being defined by the ability to find or, rather, make a parking spot, by (I think) Andy Raskin; a PowerPoint on energy by acclaimed scientist, Graham Fleming; and a piece by J.D. Beltran of confessions made on her website, www.seekingsecrets.com, set to music and images.