At the Radar Reading Series, where you get cookies for asking the readers questions! Pictured are Tara Jepson and her gluten-free choco chip cookies. She's standing in for Michelle Tea, who usually runs the show. The cookies were great. She made two tupperwares full and we ate almost all of them. Next Radar Reading is March 6 at 6pm in the basement of the San Francisco main library.

The first reader of the evening was Laura Love, who began not with a reading, but with a song so moving and powerful that, in the q&a, someone asked her to sing another...for a cookie. Later, Tara Jepson said she could have listened to her sing all night (she'll be performing at the Freight and Salvage on May 10th).

Laura Love was followed by Sona Avakian, who read a piece about the circus in the voice of a woman who works as an assistant to her husband, an adulterous, one-eyed knife-thrower. Ironically, it is the assistant who has all the power.

Then, there was comic, Betsy Salkind, who did a great seagull imitation, read to us from a blog she writes in the voice of a 10 year-old trying to be an 18-year old (if you can wrap your mind around that) and a picture book she made for adults about dealing with rape.

Lastly, but not leastly, were Lisa Jervis and Andi Zeisler, who founded Bitch Magazine and read about the atrocities committed by Jane Magazine (among other things, putting a woman's virginity on the auction block) and the tragedy of the IPA.

Here's Laura Love's memoir, You Ain't Got No Easter Clothes, which is about growing up first as the only black kid in a white kids' school and, later, after moving from Lincoln to Omaha, Nebraska, as the only white kid in a black kids' school.

Reading it is writer, Sona Avakian.


the ghostis said...

You beat me to writing about radar this month. I always try to write about it, but usually loose steam after about the first sentence. I do enjoy reading your blog.

Sonya said...

Were you at the reading this month?

the ghostis said...

Yes I was. I am usually always there. And I typically say something about it on my blog. This month I wrote a bit about stand up comedy based off of my experience at radar, but not a whole lot about the different readers.

Sonya said...

Betsy Salkind *was* really great--loved the seagull imitation! What's the address for your blog?

the ghostis said...

These are the addresses for my blog:




The first one is my personal blog, part online journal, part random accounts of events, and the second, as revealed in the address is about books.
Alternately, you can probably find my blogs by clicking on my screen-name.