July 10, Thursday evening -- Reading Rosa Luxemburg

Reading The Essential Rosa Luxemburg Reader: Reform or Revolution and The Mass Strike, edited by Helen Scott, published by Haymarket Books. Rosa Luxemburg was a famous Polish/German Socialist thinker and revolutionary.

Right now her favorite book is Black Liberation and Socialism, by Ahmed Shawki, also published by Haymarket Books; her favorite book of all time, however, is State and Revolution, by Vladimir Lenin.

She and her friends gave me a copy of their Socialist Worker newspaper, published by SocialistWorker.org, an organization they're a part of. Thank you!

When she was a kid she liked Shel Silverstein, bar none.

What socialist reading do you recommend?


Navid said...

Awesome post.

Favorite Socialist Reading? How about a history?

Marxism and Totality by Martin Jay.

Jay works on intellectual history (AKA- the history of ideas) across the bay at UC Berkeley. He's perhaps the most renowned European Intellectual Historian around. The book focuses on 'Western Marxism'- i.e., the thinkers in Western Europe who took a more nuanced 'philosophical' and 'cultural' approach to Marxism, and their working out of the concept of 'totality' (the whole is the truth)...

I like this book because it glosses over the canonical figures of Western Marxism (From Lukacs and Gramsci who are thought to be its progenitors, to the Frankfurt School of Adorno, Marcuse and co. and French readings of Marx- like Sartre, Althusser, etc)

He also wrote 'The Dialectical Imagination' - which focuses directly on the Frankfurt School thinkers.

sometimes reader said...

"Grapes of Wrath"?

"Love on the Dole".