October 19, Sunday afternoon -- Reading Ken Follett

At the Mission Beach Cafe
Reading Paper Money, an early book by Ken Follett. He gets his books from an elderly woman who lives at the building he manages, who gets them from the Salvation Army.

He doesn't have much idle time, but the time that he does have, he likes to fill it with books. He just started reading four years ago, when his wife died.

If he were to write his own book? He's always writing his own book. When he puts down what he's reading, his mind continues it where he left off, writing and rewriting it.

What does your mind do to the books you read after you put them down?


Bill said...

That's a really interesting question. Hmmmmm...

I don't know if rewrite, but if it's a good book, it will make me think. When I read non-fiction, the odd things about life (nature, history, etc.) really stand out. The things I didn't consider.

Like in the book Salt, I never really considered that the Celts ranged over most of northern Europe prior to the Germanic tribes coming from the east. And the ancient Celtic culture was fairly advanced; I think we sometimes identify (or perhaps mistakingly romanticize) them as a bunch of mystic, tree-hugging druids. They had iron works and mines, etc. They forged huge two-handed swords for battle. They salted pork to make ham.

Those are little things which I never really considered. A good book makes me wonder and think about living.

Ms. B. said...

so true! Bill's last sentence about books. If I am left thinking, then it's been a good book (or, tv show)

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