October 19, Sunday afternoon -- Reading an encyclopedia

Across from Precita Park in Bernal Heights
Reading about aviation. He likes books on history and science, especially the history of science.

Do you ever read encyclopedias?


Liza P. said...

i used to read them more when i was younger. that is so cool that he was carrying one around :)

Ms. B. said...

It is cool! As an English teacher, I wish I had more time to have the kids just pick up dictionaries and peruse them. They are really sooooooo interesting. So neat that this person does it on his own time!

It's also fun to look at old ones. A friend has one from the early 1900's and it was amazing what was concentrated on then, as opposed to now....it gave a good glimpse of life then.

Jess said...

Sometimes, but only if I need to quickly learn about a subject or can't sleep.

alex said...

i read them as a kid, until i realized it was nerdy.