October 24, Friday evening -- Reading Neal Stephenson

Waiting for the train
Reading Zodiac, by Neal Stephenson. Next up, Spook Country and Pattern Recognition, by William Gibson. A favorite book -- Snow Crash, by Neal Stephenson.

If he were to write his own book, it'd be about when he was eighteen and first moved to San Francisco from the suburbs. He worked at a bakery and went to a lot of parties and raves. The friends he partied with were from all different parts of the country and all different social groups. People who wouldn't probably wouldn't be seen together in high school were hanging out. It was engaging.

Now, he's gone back to school and is studying animation. He reads everything he can and doesn't go out. He gets his stimulation from learning. He's become, in his words, a learning nut.
What sorts of reading and nonreading eras have you gone through?


ilove2shop said...

Totally inappropriate, but him and his story are really cute!!

Ms. B. said...

Unfortunately, I am now going through a harder-to-read phase. I love to read, but by the time I do my daily sudoku and crossword puzzle, I can barely keep my eyes open. I remember my sister going through this time, so I'm hoping to get through it.

Bill said...

I'm a binge reader and have been that way for a while. I currently read passages from one book and I poke around here and there and read bits, but I haven't finished the book I started back in June (and it's a good book).

Then there are times where I'll finish 2 books in a week (though that's not the norm).

heather said...

i had an almost 10-year break in recreational reading (almost because i'm sure i read 1 or 2 books during that time) as i ended college. i didn't start reading again until (unfortunately) i had to spend a lot of time in the hospital with my partner, several years ago. obviously not a good reason, but i'm happily voracious again.

Anonymous said...