December 29, Monday night -- Reading William Melton and Randy Weinstein

Near the corner of Valencia and 21st Street
Reading Complete Idiot's Guide: Playing the Harmonica, by William Melton and Randy Weinstein. While we were talking, his friend Monica arrived--a beautiful woman with blue highlights and a sense of style. Together, the other day, they went to a music store and bought instruments--he a harmonica and she a mouth harp. They are making plans to play with a country-punk band..probably, she said, in living rooms.

I have photographed him before. I love coincidences. It was in July , on the BART train. He was reading a game strategy book, Warhammer Ogre Kingdoms, published by Game Workshop.

Also in his bag--more game strategies and a book entitled On Bullshit, by Henry G. Frankfurt.

In a city of about 800,000, what are the odds of finding the same person reading different neighborhoods?