December 31, Wednesday evening -- New Year's Eve

Reading about Islam in Farsi. He likes reading about all religions, as well as the history of his country - Iran.

Can anyone translate the text on the book's cover?


murtadha said...

the translation of the title of the book is something like this : ( the appearance )
this term is used in islam and especially in iran as a reference of a man from prophet mohammed's family. they called him Imam Mahdi.
he disappear for a long time and people in iran believe that when he come back, he will bring peace and love for all over the world. there would be no hunger in Africa for example at his time.
they also believe that Jesus will come back during the appearance of that Imam. Jesus will guide christine and Imam mahdi will guide Mulsim.

anyway, i really enjoy reading your blog. i was planning to do like what you did. exploring people when they are reading,, but then realized that i don't have enough courage like you do in asking them to take a pic of their books :)

Sonya said...