October 27, Wednesday evening -- Reading Evan Karp

While recovering from foot surgery...

Evan Karp, founder of the literary series Quiet Lighting, reading short stories he wrote when he still wrote short stories. Lately he's been writing journalistic pieces. We talked about how good it feels to go back to something you've written in the past and see that it's gotten better with age.... like wine, or, more specifically, the wine I was mixing with my pain pills.

Thanks, Evan!

You can catch the next Quiet Lightning on Jan 3. Check out the Quiet Lightning website.


evan said...

yay hi sonya! i had fun that night and appreciate the opportunity to revisit some of my work. thanks for listening and having me over. hope to see you (recovered foot and all) soon!

Sonya said...

Thanks, Evan! I am walking pretty well now and even went skiing in Montana at Christmas!